LR Industries (Rohtak Wale)  was established in1985 and is based Rohtak. As one of the leading manufacturers of Fire Safety Products in India, our aim is to prefer premium quality, user-friendly products to all fire extinguishing sector and thus, we have expanded our expertise across 8 acres of land in Haryana.  We are sensitive to the environment and are working to be more friendly towards the environment.

Founded by Mr. Satish Manocha and led by Mrs. Sonam Chawla as a Director, this company was named after  Late Shri Ladha Ram Rohtak Wale ( Father of Mr. Satish Manocha). Started off as small traders for footwear and crackers, we exposed other companies like Galaxy Footwear and Manocha Polymers. At L R Industries (Rohtak Wale) we embrace this journey, trying to remain the trusted partner that delivers quality service, products, and empowerment to our clients.

Followed by the formers, we entered into the sector that takes a great responsibility towards people protection. For the safety and welfare of people, we have launched AFO (Automatic Fire Off) Fire Extinguisher Ball that works automatically to put off the fire within 10 seconds. Proudly we can say that we have achieved ISO9001 accreditation in the year 2017 which has been certified by Make In India for the manufacture and supply of fire safety related products.

To complement our range of products and systems we also supply a full range of maintenance and service supplies, from extinguisher and system spares through to powder extinguishers filling machines.

Keeping pace with the requisites of the populaces,  development of the products have been at the heart of our company. We believe in developing the products that is one of its kinds and thus, we employ the latest technology to match the users’ needs and norms. Our own ground, available for outside use, allows us to test new products. We aspire to create the firm of tomorrow. We believe in resolving and bestowing the conveniences to the people.

We are the new name in the industry of fire extinguishers.