Auto Fire Off Fire Extinguisher Ball

AFO Fire Extinguisher is a self-executing, portable device that puts off the fire when thrown at the spot. Breaking through the emerging technologies, this is truly a worthy replacement of a traditional fire extinguisher. AFO Fire extinguisher ball has some compelling benefits that include as follows:-

  • Genuine activator – Works only upon the fire. False fire alarms cannot activate the AFO fire extinguisher
  • User-Friendly–All it requires is just roll into the fire to make a pop-up sound creating awareness of fire to the people nearby. No special training or handling measures required.
  • Self-executing – In case of sudden fire, it blows up and extinguishes the fire automatically when kept at the fire-prone places.
  • Immediate Action – No more waiting for fire brigades. Anyone can be a fire extinguisher now.
  • Portable – Each ball weighs only 1.3 Kg Approx
  • Easy Installation – tabletop or wall mount. It has shelf life of 5 years.
  • Cost-Effective – Total cost of protection is lower.